Estate Clean Outs and Sales Services

Estate Clean Outs and Sales Services

We are now servicing the Maryland eastern shore area for estate wares management.  

Are you considering moving, or downsizing the contents of your home? We can help! Our services will help you clear out unwanted wares from your property in the most eco-conscious and financially supportive way.

The clear out process includes minimizing your clutter while hosting a sale of your pre-loved items. The best part is, you get to offer a great shopping experience to your community, and get paid on your items while keeping them out of the landfill, ultimately reducing waste and preserving history. 

Trust the Process!

Estate sales can be confusing to understand for first time sellers. Below is a summary of our process for those who would like to inquiry.

Note: Our process requires at least 2 weeks notice to prepare for the sale.

1. Consultation

For a free consultation, call today to start the process of clearing your estate. Our expert management team will observe your property, give an overview of the process, and evaluate the cost of services and expectations of the sale.

2. Sales Preparations

Hosting an estate sale requires preparations. During this phase we will help sort, clean, and pack whichever pre-owned items you would like to add to the sale. 

3. Advertising

To attract the right buyers to your sale, we must advertise! Our ads will be seen on platforms such as our Website, Email, Facebook, Instagram, Marketplace, eBay, and the Local Newspaper Classifieds. There will also be signage placed in the appropriate areas to direct buyers to the sale. Facebook paid marketing, and paid Newspaper ads are optional, and highly recommended for optimal results. 

4. Sale Day 

The day of our sale is where the fun really starts. We start at sunup, and work until the sale is complete by sundown. Services include setting up the tables, racks, and items for the sale, proper negotiation of price points for buyers, customer relations during the sale, and cleanup post sale. 

5. Sales Commission

We keep commissions low, at just 10%, because we believe the income from the sales should be received by our seller. Once the sale is complete, we will bill our clients based on service work, plus 10% commission on sales.

6. Truck Deliveries to Local Area Buyers

During or after the sale, our truck will be available for use to deliver large items to those in need within the local area. We can also haul away your tax deductible charitable donation to the nearest thrift shop, or remove trash and recyclables from your property to drop off at the landfill. 

7. Option for Second Day Sale

A sale most often ends with unsold items. To give the items a second chance to sell, you increase your chances of profit. Most items will be sold, or donated at the end of this process, ensuring little to none come back into your home, with the exception of items you wish to keep. We guarantee a cash value, or charitable donation that meets or exceeds the estimated value of your wares at the time of completion. 

8. Donations Delivered with Itemized Receipt for Tax Deductions

All donated items that cannot be sold for cash will save you money at tax time! An itemized receipt will be received as a charitable donation, and can be used as a deduction on your taxes.

9. Online Listing Ads and Communications, Shipping and Handling

Any items remaining at the end of the sale valued at $100 or more can be placed in our online store, plus other digital market outlets. We require a service fee, plus 10% commission on each item listed above $100. If it's a shippable item, we will take care of that too!

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