5 Creative Ways to Display a Milk Glass Collection

5 Creative Ways to Display a Milk Glass Collection

Milk glass pieces are a popular choice among vintage collectors and designers. 

And for good reason!

They add an incredible amount of charm and interest to any space.

A common problem many collectors face however, is acquiring so much milk glass in their travels, that they run out of room, and ideas for how to display it! 

In this post I will share 5 creative ways I found to display a milk glass collection in hopes it will inspire you to put those beauties to good use! 

No. 1- The Condiment Stand


Milk Glass Collection - Condiments


Milk glass comes in all shapes and sizes, and each piece serves a different purpose.

In this photo, by Shifting Years, you can see how grouping items that are similar in design and purpose can create a very appealing look to display. 

Here, she groups together condiment wares and sets them atop a beautiful floral patterned tablecloth. 

No. 2- The Flower Bowl


Milk Glass Bowl with Flowers


Another idea I found in the Shifting Years Etsy shop, was this beautiful display of dainty pink shamrocks set perfectly inside of a Fenton Hobnail Milk Glass bowl. 

How amazing would this look set in the middle of a dining room table? 

No. 3- The Mid-Century Boho Living Room

Boho Milk Glass Display

The Sweet Escape Creative Studio and Shop did an amazing job designing this mid-century inspired bohemian living room scene.

In this picture she artfully combines furniture and decor from the 1950's-1970's and uses her milk glass collection to accommodate her living succulents and cacti, adding a boho chic feel to the whole ensemble. 

No 4. - The Simple Shelf with a Patterned Background

Vintage Milk Glass Collection

In an article by Artsy Heartsy, where she actually shows you how to recreate milk glass bottles of your own, I came across this photo. 

All she did, was frame a simple piece of scrapbook paper, and set it behind a row of her collected milk glass vases. 

Set atop a shelf, or even on a dresser, and voila! You have a beautiful scene showcasing your collection.

No 5. - The Collection Inside of a Collection

Milk Glass Vases

The Rhubarb Studio did an amazing job photographing her items for sale on Etsy, as shown here in this photo. 

It also brought to my mind the idea of displaying another collection inside of your milk glass collection, and putting them to work! 

Maybe you collect spoons, or old fashioned pens. Maybe, like in the photo, you've acquired a large lot of knitting needles and need a place for them to call home. 

Whatever it may be, as you can see, milk glass vases make a perfect place to display another collection and give purpose to your glassware. 

Don't be Afraid to Play Around! 

Of course, each home is going to require a bit of tweaking and adjusting when creating a new design.

My advice is to not be afraid to try something new, because after all you can always change it again!

You never know until you try, what will really ring true to you, and by playing around with your design, I'm sure you will find just that!

What do ya think?

Please comment below!

Thanks for viewing! - Hallie 💗

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