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Maverick's Attic Vintage Co.

Here, at Maverick's Attic, we take living seriously. We believe that the evolution of humankind relies on the basis of living a more SIMPLE. SUSTAINABLE. SPIRITUAL LIFE.

Our team strives to provide you with the information, products, and services you need to take small steps towards embracing a more naturally wholesome lifestyle for your home, garden, and family. 

Maverick's Attic Vintage Co. was created in 2013, to accompany a calling to ease the stress of modern life through connection to our mother earth.

We are a team that believes in unity in FREE-THINKING and ACTION towards real change. 

We demand truth in all we do. Specifically, in how we are educated and marketed to in regards to food, health care, beauty, fashion, home and family care, medicine, and general human needs. 

We recognize our emotional and spiritual connection to the physical world and wish to bring it into balance. 

Our Mission

In a time when our world health seems to be so unstable, the Maverick's Attic team aims to build a community of free-thinkers who are desiring to create a world outside of the proverbial "matrix" of society. 

We believe the most humble of solutions can cure many of the world's greatest problems.

After nearly 15 years of experience experimenting with homesteading and alchemy, and witnessing results in our own lives, we now want to share all we have learned (and continue to learn) with you!

The aim has always been to get back to the basics - by recovering lost lessons and historical information that may assist in the process of reconnecting humanity with it's roots.

We're a dig in the dirt, do-it-yourself and change-your-world kind of family and love to teach others how they can do it, too!

We hope you will join us in our efforts to live SIMPLE. SUSTAINABLE. SPIRITUAL. and help the world heal, one choice at a time. 

Maverick's Attic Vintage Co. - Hallie Miller - Maryland

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