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We are modern-day homesteaders, with a love for sustainable living, spiritual practice, & keeping community close. Check out the blog, services,shop, or catch us at our next event.

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Hi! I'm Hallie, owner of Maverick's Attic Vintage Co. I am a homemaking mother of two, living a beautiful, blessed life on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, USA. I work as a licensed cosmetologist, reiki practitioner, and musician. But, work doesn't stop there, as life on the homestead is a labor of love that rewards us all in tremendous ways.

Since 2013 the Maverick's Attic family has been homesteading, homeschooling, raising livestock, gardening, canning, repurposing, and creating our eco-friendly life from scratch. Curating our food, clothes, furniture, home goods, and more, are all essential to living the simple, sustainable, spiritual life we love.

Now, we help families simplify their lives, and live like true modern-day sustainable homesteaders. We encourage establishing a unique spiritual connection to their home and garden, so they can experience the comfort, safety, peace of mind, love of community, and self actualization they desire and deserve.

Please, browse our site to discover homesteading how-to's and follow our journey through our blog, The Attic Anthologies.

Our Estate Sale Services are a valuable asset to the wellbeing of your home and garden. Discover more about how we can help you simplify your life by hosting a sale of your pre-loved items.

Our gardening and homeschool days provide lots of opportunities to create an abundance of products. We love to share our treasures, art, and garden goodness in our various shopping outlets, which you can check out by clicking the link here >>> SHOPPING @ MAVERICK'S ATTIC VINTAGE CO. Or, Come check out shopping in person at our next event. 

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