Good Things are Always Happening for Me - A Positive Mindset Affirmation

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Good things are always happening for me. 

Opportunities for peace, love, and joy are always available.

I look around and see goodness everywhere.

Good things, people, and opportunities exist.

Goodness always attracts to me.

Whatever I want, I find it.

I find joy in all that I do.

I can decide in any moment how I feel.

When I want to feel good, I choose to.

When I want to see good, I see it.

When I want to think good thoughts, I have access to them.

New good ideas are always coming to me.

Good things are always happening for me.

Good Things are Always Happening for Me

Say anytime you need a reminder!

Comment below to tell me how this affirmation makes you feel.

I wish you have a GOOOOD day! - Hallie  ❤️️ 

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