How to Tell if it's Crystal or Plain Glass

How to Tell if it's Crystal or Plain Glass

Many times while conducting my work I find myself asking "is this crystal or plain glass?

The question is significant for many reasons, including how it affects the value of the piece in question. It may also be important to determine whether a piece is made of glass or crystal when performing energy work.

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The quality of the material used can also give clues as to what a piece was made for, when, and possibly by whom. 

There are several differences between crystal and glass but the primary difference is that crystal contains a certain blend of minerals (including lead) that glass does not.

One of the benefits of crystal is that the minerals strengthen the material, making it possible to produce a durable but thin glass.

Here are 5 Quick Tips on How to Tell if it's Glass or Crystal

  1. If the glass acts as a prism (you see rainbow colors) when it is held up to the light you are holding crystal. If not, it is just plain glass.
  2. When tapped gently with your fingernail, or you run a wet finger around the rim of a glass, crystal will produce a musical ring. Glass will not.
  3. Crystal can be produced thinner than glass, so if the rim of a piece (a wine glass for example) is exceptionally thin it's most likely crystal.
  4. A crystal glass will be heavier, when compared to a plain glass of the same size.
  5. Crystal will have clean, rounded cuts, while glass typically has sharp cuts in it's design. 

    I Hope This Helps!

    I have found these tips exceptionally useful while buying my vintage wares, or finding fun rims to run for sound healing, and I hope you will too!

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