New Updates to Our Website - Covid19 Update

New Updates to Our Website - Covid19 Update

Just an FYI in case anyone is wondering.

We're updating the website to accommodate a new online store.

We'veĀ temporarily removed the shop and blog, and there are no updates to the calendar for now.

Basically, the website is a mess and practically useless at this moment, but we're taking the time during our break to recalibrate and prepare for a new way to interact with Maverick's Attic Vintage Co.

Maverick's Attic Vintage Co.

Unfortunately due to restrictions on shopping, we are unable to curate our usual vintage estate wares. We are looking for new ways to buy from our clients, as we typically are the ones hosting the estate sales for them, or going to their homes to do appraisals. (By the way, thank you all for so kindly trusting us with yours, or loved ones belongings.)

We will all get through this together. Please be patient with us for now. We are navigating lots of new ways of doing life, just like the rest.

We're truly looking forward to continuing to do this work, bringing you previously owned estate and eco-friendly products, now more than ever - to support our ever evolving need to LIVE SUSTAINABLE!

Stick with us guys. We're thinking about you! šŸ„°

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