Protect My Loved Ones - Affirmations for Protection Over Your Loved Ones

Protect My Loved Ones - Affirmations for Protection Over Your Loved Ones

I speak love into the lives of my loved ones.

I celebrate the goodness of their life. 

I breathe in the feeling of joy, as I think of my loved ones.

They are experiencing a breakthrough in their lives.

They can now move forward with clarity of mind.

They are blessed with protection over their lives.

They are as healthy as they can possibly be.

They are living in the fullness of their purpose.

Even through tough times, they are breaking the chains of fear and moving towards positive outcomes. 

I visualize the highest, most beautiful self in them.

I see them at their best.

We have a loving, strong relationship.

We encourage each other.

We celebrate each other.

I am committed to speaking positivity into the life of my loved ones.

They are moving into a new chapter of life that is full of positive testimonies.

They are always under the wing of protection from harm and danger.

They are an inspiration and guiding light to everyone they meet.

They are children of God. They are my brothers and sisters. 

I am committed to being a part of their support system, and know they are also part of mine. 

My loved ones are always protected by God.

They are surrounded by a shield of white light wherever they go and share it with those in need.

I speak life into these words as they manifest before me. 

My loved ones are safe.

Protect my loved ones. 

Protect My Loved Ones

Affirm these words daily for your loved ones with an open heart. 

Comment below to tell me how this affirmation feels when you read it out loud. 

Blessings to you and those you love! - Hallie  ❤️️ 

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