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Check Out These Fun Thrift Shop Repurposed Projects!

I'm not going to write a tutorial on these right now, but I thought I would share the photos of our teams progress on a few thrift store projects from this weekend.

Maverick's Attic Vintage Co. - Thrift Store Projects

These frames were perfect for a project. They just needed a little paint to give them a whole different look. 

Maverick's Attic Vintage Co. - Thrift Store Projects

This large vintage frame was screaming for a new use. With a pencil and black poster board, I created a silhouette to add character to the piece.

We put the ladies silhouette behind the frame with some light gauge chicken wire. The wire is for hanging earrings or other jewelry.

I made a smaller silhouette for another frame, and then left three of the other ones empty to use later.

Large Jewelry Display - Maverick's Attic Vintage Co.

Maverick's Attic Vintage Co. - Thrift Store Projects

We also scored a cool mannequin bust from Dave's Treasure Hunt in Frankford, Delaware. 

Maverick's Attic Vintage Co. - Thrift Store Projects

We cut out scrapbook paper with soft musical notation designs, and mod-podged it on. We finished it with a smoothing tool. 

It turned out to be a pretty cool necklace display.Maverick's Attic Vintage Co. - Thrift Store Projects

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