We're Coming Back - And We're On a Mission

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Thank you for your patience as we sort out our new way of sharing with you!⁠

Covid-19 forced us to temporarily close our doors in Snow Hill, Maryland. This is a new beginning for us. Please continue to stay in touch on our page as we update our online store and blog. ⁠

These times have been challenging, as we are now changing the way we live, school, work, and play. Just like everyone else! ⁠

We've taken this opportunity to reconnect with our basic values and evaluate just exactly what Maverick's Attic Vintage Co. can do to continue to support the mission to live sustainably.

Although we will continue to share inspiration on reusing, recycling, and repurposing our treasure finds, we are shifting our focus to also encompass a wide variety of informatiative content to show our audience how reducing our reliance on traditional goods can change our lives, and planet for the better!

We're Back and We're on a Mission

We hope you look forward to our new content, as we transition into sharing more and more of our homesteading adventures with you, while also providing beneficial resources needed to live a simple, sustainable, and spiritual lifestyle!⁠

We will be providing as many vintage treasures as possible, as well as supplies and gifts for the modern homesteader, but now our shop will be strictly online until we resume our traditional pop-up-shop and brick and mortar sales.⁠ Stay Tuned!

Thank you guys for sticking with us!⁠

What have you been up to during this massive global shift?!

Please comment below.

Thanks for viewing! - Hallie 💗

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