5 Cool Ways to Use Vintage Thrift Store Dishes as Art for your Home

5 Cool Ways to Use Vintage Thrift Store Dishes as Art for your Home

Vintage dishes and glassware are one of the most common and budget friendly finds you will come across at a thrift store. 

They are so tempting to buy because of their charm and low cost.

But what is one to do with so many dishes?

Of course you can use them in your kitchen, but realistically, you can only have and use so many dishes in a lifetime...

...or can you? 

In this post I will share 5 cool ways I found you can use vintage thrift store dishes as art for your home so you can keep on collecting those beauties as much as you want without any fear of becoming a hoarder. 

5 Cool Ways to Use Thrift Store Dishes as Art for Your Home

1. The Decoupaged Dish

Decoupage Plates

Photo: Marie Claire

Many times at thrift stores, you come across incomplete sets of plates, making it difficult to use them as a set for dining.

In this photo by Marie Claire, you can see that the designer strategically placed matching decoupaged roses on the fronts of her mis-matched plates to bring them all together in a harmonious display.

She then used these invisible plate wall hangers to arrange them in an appealing location above a desk.

2. The Trinket Stand

The Trinket Stand
Photo: The Vintage Home
Who said dishes were only for food?!
As you can see here, a little creativity can easily turn a quaint vintage china set into a lovely tower to display your jewelry and other trinkets.

3. The Lawn and Garden Ornament

The Lawn and Garden Ornament
Photo: Hayseed Homemakin'
Never question what to do with all that extra glassware again!
Turn those vases and pretty little candy bowls into works of art to display in your garden.
You will be glad you did as you watch the sun glistening through them during a lovely evening sunset.

4. The Bird Feeder

The Bird Feeder
Photo: Home Talk
Bring a little purpose and charity to the world as you turn a cup and saucer set into a wonderful setting for a bird feast.
The tweet tweets will never sound sweeter!

5. The Embellished Display

The Embellished Display

Photo: Angel In The North

Instead of spending money on expensive generic signs from chain stores, use a few thrift store plates, and adhesive letter embellishments to make your very own custom displays for any room of the house!

Try Them out and Get Creative 

Each collection of dishes will require a bit of creativity and no two displays will ever be exactly the same.

By using these ideas as a guide, you can let your creativity soar, and lead the way to an amazing piece of art. 

Thank You for Reading!

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I would love to see pictures of your creations!

Take care, and as always, happy creating! - Hallie  ❤️️ 

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