5 Cool Ways to Repurpose Grandma's Doilies

5 Cool Ways to Repurpose Grandma's Doilies

Lace doilies are among the most common, yet (in my opinion) highly overlooked products found in a vintage thrift store.

They have classic style, purpose, and are oh-so-intriguing with their extremely intricate, hand stitched detail. 

Doilies are crocheted ornamental mats made of fabric, typically placed on a plate under a cake or other sweet foods.

They can also be used as clothing, headpieces, to bind flowers, and protect furniture.

Although doilies have been seen in history for over 2 centuries, the most common ones we find these days are the mid-20th-century versions, AKA, Grandma's hand-me-downs.

So what do we do, in our modern world, with these ornamental mats, that so many consider "useless"?

Well, if your unkeen on the idea of using them "as is", here are a few easy projects you can try today, using doilies as the material.

5 Cool Ways to Repurpose Grandma's Doilies

1. Doily Earrings

Doily Earrings
Photo: lisagriffith.com
What a perfect way to repurpose old doilies that have been tattered or torn. 
Simply cut around the pre existing patterns found inside the doily, harden with a fabric stiffener, add earrings, and voila! 
You can find the whole tutorial by Lisa Griffith here.

2. Lace Doily Bowls

DIY Lace Doily Bowl
Photo: freepeople.com
Make use of your doily collection by making these lovey little trinket bowls.
They are just perfect for a romantic bedroom or bathroom accessory. 

3. Burlap and Doily Luminaries

Photo: Crafts by Amanda
Luminaries add charm to any space.
Add a soft touch to these mason jar lanterns by simply gluing the doilies onto the surface, and adding decorations as desired. 

4. Lace and Doily Bracelets

lace & doilies
Photo: Style Diaries
The boho, gypsy feel is all the rage right now, and what could be more true to this style than a good old fashioned doily lace bracelet. 

5. Doily Lamps

Doily lamp
Photo: EmmmyLizzzy

 Although this may look complicated, it's actually quite an easy project.

Take a look at the tutorial here to see how blogger, EmmmyLizzzy did it! 

Now Go Get Crafty!

All these projects are super simple, and use few materials.

Go gather what you need, and get crafty today!

Remember, these could make great gifts, too! 

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